The Simbrix Story


Simbrix was inspired by its inventor Assim’s three young children after he saw the frustrations they had with their favourite bead craft sets. Their creations would easily fall apart before fusing together and Assim wanted to create a product that had a similar way to play but with a more sturdy output! The final Simbrix design took over 400 prototypes to get right and was tested by over 1,000 children before anyone could purchase the sets. Now, Simbrix offers kids frustration-free creative play, without the need for heat, water or glue, ensuring a positive and mess-free experience with no tears!


We’re aiming to produce beautiful arts and crafts sets, equally wonderful for both girls and boys, that encourage creative thinking and allow for a fantastic, yet easy play experience. We want Simbrix to give children (and adult crafters too!) an outlet to express themselves whilst improving their concentration and fine motor skills. Our purpose is to foster positive, engaging imagination-fuelled experiences with fulfilling free-flowing creative discovery.

We hope you enjoy Simbrix as much as we do!

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